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Do you know the ring blower?

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Do you know the ring blower?

The ring blower is designed to deliver air and create pressure or vacuum. This article introduces you to the ring blower that you don't know. Since ring blower have many different names around the world. They are also known as regenerative blower, side channle blower, turbo blowers, vortex blower, ring compressors, industrial vacuum pump, air pump and more.


  • Ring blower working principle

  • Ring blower advantages

  • Characteristics of the ring blower

  • Application of ring blower


Ring blower working principle

The ring blower increases the pressure difference through a series of eddy currents that are generated by centrifugal forces in the peripheral side channels, so they are also referred to as "side channel blowers."


Due to the rotation of the impeller, the gas trapped in the chamber begins to rotate, and the centrifugal force forces the gas into the narrow side passage. This results in a spiral vortex in the side channel. These eddies cause the gas pressure to rise along the entire length of the side channels. The rotating parts of the ring blower do not touch the housing, eliminating the need for friction and lubrication, which can lead to machine failure. The pressure builds up completely without oil and without gas pollution.


Advantages of the blower

When the impeller ring blower is running, it generates an air flow that is forced by the surrounding air, and eventually the entire air body is pressurized and moved to the air outlet of the ring blower and then exits.


This annular blower is highly reliable. Fans have unique high pressure tolerances. When the situation suddenly changes, the blower can still operate safely and smoothly. Due to its simple design, almost no maintenance is required. With a fine-cooled outer bearing, the blower also has the following advantages: 1.high pressure. 2.The bearing operates at low temperatures. 3.Lubrication has extra durability in use. 4.Easy maintenance.


Characteristics of the blower 

  • Low noise and vibration: Dynamic balance minimizes vibration.

  • Dust-proof shaft seal: protects the bearing from contaminated airflow and possible foreign particles.

  • High reliability: Direct connection to the motor shaft - impeller provides reliable, long-term performance. No gears, belts, motor brushes or sliding blades require regular maintenance.

  • Space efficient design: The unique design result is a large amount of airflow at moderate pressure with minimal space and weight.

  • Versatility: Easy to throttle and convert from pressure to suction. It may be installed in a variety of different ways.

  • Stable airflow: The centrifugal compressor design provides smooth, stable airflow without pulsation.

  • High pressure airflow: produces a continuous high pressure airflow. The ring blower is ideal for many industrial applications.

  • No grease, no pollution: When used, the impeller is isolated from the rest of the machine and does not require lubrication, so this means there is no cause of contamination at all.

  • Simple installation: Well-equipped blowers can be easily installed anywhere, at any time for air compression or air evacuation; vertical or horizontal.


Application of the blower 

The ring blower is a machine that is required to be used both in production and manufacture, and is mainly used for the following purposes: Blowing powder and granules, suction conveying, liquid stirring, bottle packaging, combustion, water gas supply.


From an industry perspective, it is also used in a wide range of applications, including industrial and agricultural, covering infrastructure, food storage equipment, food acquisition, environmental protection, automotive, electroplating, aquaculture, industrial dust collection, Packaging machinery industry, printing machinery industry, etc.


As mentioned above, the ring blower is a dual usage, compress and vacuum blower. It contributes to human life in many aspects of our lives, so it is important to know more about this type of blower. This will also contribute to the development of the ring blower. At the same time, if you want to know more about it, you can follow us.

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