Basically when installing the Blower unit, the following variants are possible with a different axis position (horizontal or vertical)

  • Horizontal installation
    ​ Screw the base of the Blower unit to the surface with suitable mounting elements.
  • Vertical installation on the Blower cover
      With vertical installation of the Blower unit, mount the Blower cover facing downward install on rubber feet/vibration Pads
  • Vertical mounting on the wall
How to maintainThe electrical connection must be carried out as follows :                              
  • According to the applicable national and local laws and regulations.
  • According to the applicable system dependent prescriptions and requirements.
  • NEMA CLASS F insulation system is used for the motor.

Electrical power supply : As per details on the label on Blower
  • ± 5% Phase Imbalance tolerated
  • ± 10% Voltage Deviation tolerated
  • ± 2% Frequency Deviation tolerated
Connection to drive motor terminal box
Open the required cable entry openings on the terminal box.
The cable entry opening is prefabricated and provided with a sealing plug / cable Gland Screw out sealing plug.
Mount cable glands on the terminal box.

Proceed as follows :
1) Select one cable gland in each case which is suitable for the cable diameter.
2) Insert this cable gland in the opening of the terminal box. Use a reducer if necessary.
3) Screw on the cable gland so that no moisture, dirt etc, can penetrate into the terminal box.
4) Carry out the connection and the arrangement of the jumpers in accordance with the circuit diagram in the terminal box.

Connect the earth conductor to the terminal with the earth symbol :
1) The electrical connection must be permanently safe.
2) There may be no protruding wire ends.

For motor overload protection :
1) Use motor circuit breakers / starters
2) This must be adjusted to the specified nominal current as specified on label.
3) Ensure protection against single phase operation for 3 Phase Motor.
Operation with frequency converter
With a power supply by a frequency converter, the following must be observed :
High frequency current and voltage harmonics in the motor supply cables can lead to emitted electromagnetic interference. This is dependent on the converter design.
Be sure to observe the EMC notes of the converter manufacturer.
Use screened power supply cables if necessary. For optimal screening, the screen must be conductively connected over a large area to the metal terminal box of the drive motor with a screwed metal gland. 
In the case of drive motors with integrated sensors (e.g. PTC thermistors) interference voltage can occur on the sensor cable depending on the converter type.

Limit speed : 
See specification on the Label.

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