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Maintenance / Repairs / Troubleshooting

Fault Cause Remedy
Motor does not start or motor noise At least two power supply leads interrupted Eliminate interruption by fuses, terminals or power supply cables.
Motor does not start or humming noise One power supply leads interrupted Eliminate interruption by fuses, terminals or power supply cables.
One or more phase of winding open Repair / Replace motor winding
For a single phase motor - capacitor open Change capacitor
Impeller is jammed Open blower front cover, remove foreign body and clean
Check or correct impeller gap setting if necessary.
Impeller is defective Replace impeller
Rolling bearing on drive motor side / blower side defective Replace motor bearing / blower side bearing
Protective motor switch trips when motor is switched on. Power consumption too high. Winding short circuit Have winding checked
Motor overloaded Throttling does not match specification on rating Label. Reduce throttling
Clean filters, mufflers and connection pipes if necessary
Power source unbalanced Check & rectify power source
Blower is jammed See fault “Motor does not start humming noise. “With cause: “impeller is jammed.”
Blower unit does not generate any or generate insufficient pressure difference. Leak in system Seal leak in the system
Wrong direction of rotation Reverse direction of rotation by interchange two connects leads.
Incorrect frequency (on Blower units with frequency converter). Use Correct frequency
Different density of pumped gas. Take conversion of pressure values into account. Inquire with us.
Shaft seal defective Replace shaft seal.
Change in blade profile due to soiling Clean impeller, check for wear and replace if necessary
Abnormal flow Noise Flow speed too high Clean pipes. Use pipe with larger cross-section if necessary
Muffler soiled Clean muffler inserts, check condition and replace if necessary
Abnormal running noise Ball bearing lacking grease or defective Regrease or replace ball bearing
Blower leaky Seals on muffler defective Check muffler seals and replace if necessary
Seals in motor area defective Check motor seals and replace if necessary

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