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How to choose a ring blower?

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The ring blower is a type of blower that has a wide range of applications, simple installation, and high stability, because these characteristics are of concern to many people who want to buy blowers. Most people are confused when faced with a large number of ring blowers. At this time, if you buy blindly, there may be a situation where the blower is not suitable. Therefore, how to choose the ring blower is also a matter of learning. This paper aims to explore how to choose the ring blower.

The main points are as follows:

  • Understand the operation of the ring blower

  • Ring blower selection

  • Conclusion

1. Understand the operation of the ring blower

The ring blower is a vortex air pump for blowing and sucking. The special blade design of the e air pump has the characteristics of high pressure, large air volume, low noise and high temperature resistance. The annular high pressure fan has strong insulation performance, simple device and high stability. The gas passed is oil-free and boring. The high pressure and high suction are produced by the common design of the impeller. The impeller edge of the air pump has a plurality of blades. When the impeller rotates, the air in the two blades is rapidly moved toward the outer edge due to the centrifugal action, and the energy is transmitted and the wind pressure is superimposed rapidly, thereby forming a high pressure or the speed is increased. When air is introduced into the impeller from the head by the air duct, it will be accelerated again. Due to the transfer energy of multiple blades, the wind pressure is quickly superimposed, resulting in high pressure or high suction.


2. Ring blower selection

1. Pick the front of the ring blower. It should be understood that the type of blower produced, the standard and the special use of various products, the development and promotion of new products in the market, etc., should also fully consider the requirements of environmental protection, in order to select the preferred fan. Pick blowers for different uses. If you want to cut and dry garments or leather, choose the blower for the garment/leather cutter/dryer; if you want to discharge dust or transport the pulverized coal, you should choose the dust or pulverized coal blower; for the sewage treatment, you should pick the waste water treatment blower. High temperature blowers should be selected for work in high temperature applications or for transporting high temperature gases.

2. The physical and chemical properties of the gas transported by the blower. Priority should be given to selecting one with higher efficiency, smaller machine number and larger adjustment range.

3. When there are more than two types of blowers available for selection on the blower selection performance chart. Of course, we should also compare and weigh the pros and cons and decide. In order to utilize the original motor shaft, bearings and bearings.

4. If the diameter of the selected fan impeller is much larger than the diameter of the original fan. It is necessary to account for the motor starting time, the strength of the original components of the ring blower, and the critical speed of the shaft.

5. When selecting a centrifugal blower. It is not necessary to install a valve for starting only. When selecting the centrifugal boiler induced draft fan by discharging high temperature flue gas or air, a valve should be provided to prevent overload during cold operation. The blower with high efficiency and low impeller circumferential speed should be selected first.

6. Ventilation system with muffling requirements. And make it work at the highest efficiency point; it should also adopt the corresponding noise reduction and vibration reduction methods according to the noise and oscillation propagation methods generated by the ventilation system. For the vibration reduction methods of blowers and motors, vibration damping foundations such as spring dampers or rubber dampers are generally available. Try to prevent the use of blowers in parallel or in series. When it cannot be prevented.

7. When selecting a blower. Joint operations of blowers of the same type and performance should be selected. When the series connection is selected, there should be a certain pipe joint between the first stage blower and the second stage blower.


3. Conclusion

The above is the method of selecting the ring blower, and the appropriate ring blower can be selected according to the method described above. The right blast opportunity will bring you twice the result with half the effort and become your right hand. On the contrary, if you choose the wrong blower, it will not help you, and even lead to more losses. It is therefore important to select the right ring blower.

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