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Huge business opportunities during the outbreak

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Since the start of return to work on February 18th, our factory has been working overtime day by day.The outbreak has brought us both a crisis and a business opportunity.

In the early stage of construction, due to the restrictions of the epidemic area, many workers from other places could not return to their posts normally, resulting in severe labor shortage.  Orders from home and abroad are pilling up, production pressure soared. Fortunately, the management of the factory has a good leadership, orderly scheduling production, almost every day in the delivery.Daily production has also been increasing, with daily production now running at 500 units a day

With the spread of the epidemic in the world, causing a serious shortage of epidemic prevention supplies.Many factories are turning to the production of masks, protective clothing, disinfectants, protective gloves and so on.Bulk purchase of epidemic prevention supplies production line, and this also brings us a huge business opportunity. Our blowers can be used in the production of epidemic prevention materials, the machine of face mask, the indentation machine of epidemic prevention suit needs to use. Such as single-phase 210 (400W), three-phase 810,830, and so on are applied to a large number of epidemic prevention produnction line. Our factory also has the phenomenon of queuing for cash to pick up goods.In the face of such a situation, we have to continue to work overtime production, in order to help more people to establish the epidemic prevention supplies production line, but also for the world to fight the epidemic to make a little effort.


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