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Side channel blowers for different industries

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Side channel blowers, also known as high pressure fans, gas ring vacuum pumps. It is a type of blower used in many industries. This blower impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the motor and is completely contactless. This feature makes it particularly useful for certain tasks. This article will explore the various industries in which side channel blowers are used.

This article contains the following:

  • Application of side channel blowers in the plastics industry

  • Application of the blowers in the medical industry

  • Application of water treatment blower

  • Conclusion


1. Application of side channel blowers in the plastics industry

Material transmission system is widely used in the plastic industry. The blower is driven by motor, which drives the impeller to rotate. The gas enters the impeller along the air inlet. Because of the impeller, the gas obtains energy, the pressure increases and the kinetic energy increases. After the impeller works, the gas enters the volute after the impeller leaves the impeller. The function of the volute is to leave the impeller. When the energy of the gas is enough to overcome the resistance of the pipe network, the gas can be transported to a high or far place.


Transfer particles, regrinding and powders from a single source (usually Gaylord) to a single destination (usually a mixer, drying hopper or machine throat). The pickup gun is inserted into the material source container, and a length of flexible hose connects the gun to the loader. The loader is mounted at the top of the destination, and a small powerful motor creates a vacuum that sucks material into the loader's body through a pickup gun and flexible hose.


2. Application of side channel blowers in the medical industry

The application of side channel blower in the medical industry is mainly embodied in dentistry. The high-pressure suction of side channel blower for dental saliva suction is placed in the dental saliva suction system, which can attract saliva concentrated in the dental process. The high-strength suction system with this equipment can provide a clean, dry, and effective way for doctors. Clear visual field of the oral environment, so that the doctor will not be swallowed because of the patient's work is interrupted, can be more convenient to carry out treatment work.


The cross infection can be effectively prevented by eliminating the bacterium-carrying Qiru. Cleanliness and hygiene are the benefits for patients. Bacterial aerosol in stomatological clinics can produce bacterial aerosol reading in the treatment of modern high-speed therapeutic instruments. If these microorganisms are not sucked and collected in time, they will float in the air for a long time. Studies have shown that the total amount of suspended particles inhaled by dental staff in 15 minutes is equivalent to 0.12 ull, which poses a high risk of infection for everyone in the clinic. Dental suction system is an ideal equipment.


3. Application of water treatment blower

In the activated sludge process for sewage treatment, the aeration side channel blower with appropriate air volume and pressure is used to continuously force the air into the sewage, so that the water and air in the pond contact oxygen, and stir the liquid, accelerate the transfer of oxygen in the air to the liquid, prevent the sinking of suspended solids in the pond, and strengthen the organic matter and microgenesis in the pond. Contact of substance and dissolved oxygen can oxidize and decompose organic matter in sewage. This kind of aerator used in water treatment is called water treatment blower.


4. Conclusion

This paper explores the use of side channel blowers in three industries, the medical industry, the plastics industry, and wastewater treatment. It can be seen that the blower play an indispensable role in many industries. Many industries in our lives have the shadow of side channel blowers. Therefore, it must be said that the side channel blower is a very practical blower.

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