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Single phase single stage side channel blower

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Single phase:

FrequencyPowerVoltageCurrentAir flowvacuumcompressNoisesWeight
010A01Single500.12 220-240V1.255-6060465
600.14 220-240V1.168-606048
110A01Single500.20 220-240V1.4370-100100487
600.23 220-240V1.385-11012050
210A01Single500.25 220-240V2.770-110120539
600.35 220-240V3.285-14015056
210A11Single500.40 220-240V2.780-1201305310
600.50 220-240V3.298-15016056
310A01Single500.55 220-240V3.795-1201305713
600.62 220-240V4.9110-12013060
410A01Single500.70 220-240V4.5145-1201206315
600.83 220-240V5.6175-13013064
410A11Single500.85 220-240V5145-1601606316
600.95 220-240V5.8175-16016064
410A21Single501.30 220-240V7.3145-1702006317
601.50 220-240V7.8175-21022064
510A01Single500.85 220-240V5210-1601606420
600.95 220-240V5.8255-14514070
510A11Single501.30 220-240V7.3210-1701706422
601.50 220-240V7.5255-15014070
510A21Single501.50 220-240V9210-2001906424
601.75 220-240V9.5255-22021070
510A31Single502.20 220-240V10210-2202706428
602.55 220-240V11255-26029070
530A21Single501.50 220-240V9270-1501406526
601.75 220-240V10330-12011071
610A01Single501.60 220-240V10270-2102306428
602.10 220-240V11315-23025070
610A11Single502.20 220-240V10270-2302506430
602.55 220-240V11315-25027070
710A11Single502.20 220-240V12318-1901907232
602.55 220-240V12.8376-19020074

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