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The method of using an ring blower

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With the development of society, the industry is constantly improving, and the demand for machinery is increasing. In order to adapt to the industrial control of the demand for pneumatic components, ring blowers have been invented and widely used. It is very important to learn how to use the ring blower. This article will explain the method and related information of using the ring blower. 

This article contains the following:

  • Working principle

  • Scope of application

  • Using the operation method

  • Conclusion


1. Working principle

The ring blower consists of a ballast impeller mounted directly on the motor shaft and rotates at high speed, approximately 2880 RPM. There are a large number of radial vanes on the periphery of the impeller. The impeller is located between the two end plates with one passage on each side of the blade.

When the ballast impeller rotates and the vanes pass through the intake passage, a low pressure region is created to draw in air or other gases. The impeller blades transfer motion to the air by centrifugal force and throw it outward and forward, along the contour of the side trough and back to the bottom or root of the impeller. This action was repeated many times, creating a whirlpool. Each "regeneration" forces the air until the air reaches a portion of the housing, and the air is stripped from the impeller and discharged from the ring blower. 


2. Scope of application

The ring blower is a kind of ventilation source for blowing and sucking. It is mainly used for: paper cutter, woodworking machinery, coil filter forming machine, plating tank stirring, atomizing dryer, fish aeration, water treatment Explosion gas, screen printing machine, photo plate making machine, automatic feeding machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, electric welding equipment, film machinery, sewage treatment, cleaning of dry cleaning clothes, air dust removal, dry bottles, gas transmission , feeding, collecting, etc.;


3. Using the operation method

1) The ring blower should be placed in a relatively stable place, and the surrounding

environment should be clean, dry and ventilated.

2) The direction of rotation of the ring blower impeller must be the same as the direction

of the arrow on the fan casing.

3) When the ring blower is working, the working pressure should not exceed 8kpa, so as to

avoid the air pump generating excessive heat and the motor overcurrent causing damage to the air pump.

4) In addition to the two bearings of the rotor of the motor, the ring blower has no direct

contact friction. The installation method of the air pump bearing is mainly divided into two categories. The bearings of the first type of air pump end are installed in the pump body between the motor base and the impeller. Such a gas pump does not need to be greased.

The bearing of the second air pump end is installed in the middle of the pump cover, and the bearing of the air pump end does not need to be periodically lubricated. Unlike many other similar product maintenance needs: once a month, the number of refueling of three consecutive air pumps should increase. Our products are more convenient.5) This product has a filter at the entrance and does not need to be cleaned regularly. If there is more dust in the environment, it is recommended to add an external filter. In order to protect the ring blower and extend the useful life.

5) The outer connection of the inlet and outlet of the ring blower must be connected by a

hose (such as a rubber tube or a plastic spring tube).

6) Replacement of the ring blower bearing: The replacement of the bearing must be

performed by someone familiar with the repair work. Loosen the screws on the pump cover and then remove the parts one by one in the order shown. The removed parts should be cleaned and assembled in reverse order. When disassembling, the impeller should not be hardened, and the special pull-tab should be applied, and the adjusting gasket should not be omitted, so as to avoid affecting the gap of the regulator.

7) The ring blower prohibits solid, liquid and corrosive gases from entering the pump body.


4. Conclusion

The above is the information on the operation of the ring blower. Understand this, in order to make the ring blower play the most important role in our operation. It also gives it a longer life and saves us money.

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